Friday, 30 July 2010

30th July 2010

It's difficult to know where to start! Yesterday we went to a market. Today we have been to a village ceremony by the beach in full balinese outfits, to a friends house to see a children's show and then for a roast pork lunch. This afternoon we will go to the beach to eat seafood: so it's all go!

But I should go back a bit. We. Arrived very late on Wednesday due to the Storm in Hong Kong. On Thursday we woke up to John and Kadek's Beautiful house and children. It is all so different, the climate, life-Style, architecture, plants, food. We went to see John's office and have lunch with him at a road side cafe. ( I will post pictures) Kadek then took us to Denpasar market to see fabric and food, lots of pictures.

Anyway we are having some difficulties with Internet so we will do are best to get this to you, love for now xxxx

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