Monday, 26 July 2010

Hong Kong Day 1

The hotel is great, here is a picture of it, we are on the 21 st floor.

-After breakfast we headed it a tram. First we went to Victoria Peak at the top of the Island.

The view is fantastic, even on a hazy day.

Next we went to the HSBC.

and after that we wandered through some busy streets.

Bye for now.....

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  1. If you get chance go across to the Kowloon side after dark to watch the light show on the island. If you get off the ferry and turn right there is a promenade especially set up for viewing. It is pure cheese but the fact that they have all those high rises lighting up in unison is pretty spectacular.

  2. The trip is beginning to get quite exciting - and David in shorts is always a hoot. Keep the info coming I'm getting hooked.