Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday 9th August

Are departure from Bali was a bit stressful! We were very relaxed thinking that our flight was at 13.30 but when David checked we discovered that it was at 11.10. So we packed and left for the airport quick sharp! Anyway we made it. The flight was on time and there was no queuing involved.

Singapore is quite a contrast! Ultra modern, clean and tidy. Yesterday afternoon we explored china town.

We found a very new Buddhist temple.

And in the evening we ate at Singapore Zam Zam.

Very good.
Today we did the obligatory boat ride. This is the casino building as viewed from the river.

Then we went to the Esplanade Theatre. (By Wilford)

Later we went by the Raffles Hotel.

And then passed the ' batman' building.

Ok well that's it for

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