Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sat. 7th August

The adventure continues! On Thursday we headed North to the mountains/ volcano. The views were stunning.

The pictures do not do it justice!

We continued our trip north, but took the 'scenic route' !! The road was steep and bendy, and at times seemed to disappear altogether!
It got very remote at times, and very primitive.

Anyway we made it to the hotel.

The hotel is called Zen and it is a yoga / meditation retreat. It is fantastic.

On Friday we went to a Buddhist temple.

To the hot springs.

We had fish by the road side.(and survived!)

We also had a massage and went to the beach.
Today we got up at 7 am to do yoga before breakfast ! We are heading back to john's house today via some mountains and temples I think, we will post again tonight.

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Location:Seririt on the North Coast

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