Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th August

Well we are back. The trip was gruelling but un eventful.
Our last day in Singapore was wet, but armed with umbrellas we went to Orchard road, which is mostly shopping. There we found the Pompidou of the shopping world.

This is the roof-top garden.
We also found a great pavilion / performance space. (also good for a quiet sleep)

So that's it!
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tower of Babel

Paid £10 each to go up the bling tower in Singapore I felt a bit queazy and couldn't go near the edge had to leave In the end feeling sick!!

Infinity pool full of fat Japanese with little sense of danger.

Anyway back on dry land never again


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Location:Marina Bay Sky Park

Tuesday 10th August

Today we went to The Marina Bay complex, the three towers with the deck on top.

It is totally crazy but breath taking too.

From the sky park you get an amazing view of Singapore.

We met some handsome boys,

and saw the infinity pool, 57 floors up!

This is the view the other way.

Later we went to little India. What a contrast!

Another temple, the Sri Veeramakaliamman hinu temple.

and the Mustafa shopping centre.

So that was it for today, we will update again tomorrow.
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Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday 9th August

Are departure from Bali was a bit stressful! We were very relaxed thinking that our flight was at 13.30 but when David checked we discovered that it was at 11.10. So we packed and left for the airport quick sharp! Anyway we made it. The flight was on time and there was no queuing involved.

Singapore is quite a contrast! Ultra modern, clean and tidy. Yesterday afternoon we explored china town.

We found a very new Buddhist temple.

And in the evening we ate at Singapore Zam Zam.

Very good.
Today we did the obligatory boat ride. This is the casino building as viewed from the river.

Then we went to the Esplanade Theatre. (By Wilford)

Later we went by the Raffles Hotel.

And then passed the ' batman' building.

Ok well that's it for

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Last day in Bali

Off on another adventure with Mr John and family. Went to a beautiful waterfall very invigorating, cold and a long walk back up to the car but well worth it.

Then a bit of essential shopping at the local branch of Harvey Nicks, Isabel is on the right!!!!

Quick stop off for a mad 1960's golf club untouched and bonkers.

Our last temple is by a lake sorry can not remember the name Hindu and Buddhist side by side, fantastic scenery.

Off to Singapore tomorrow

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Location:From Serit to Badong.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sat. 7th August

The adventure continues! On Thursday we headed North to the mountains/ volcano. The views were stunning.

The pictures do not do it justice!

We continued our trip north, but took the 'scenic route' !! The road was steep and bendy, and at times seemed to disappear altogether!
It got very remote at times, and very primitive.

Anyway we made it to the hotel.

The hotel is called Zen and it is a yoga / meditation retreat. It is fantastic.

On Friday we went to a Buddhist temple.

To the hot springs.

We had fish by the road side.(and survived!)

We also had a massage and went to the beach.
Today we got up at 7 am to do yoga before breakfast ! We are heading back to john's house today via some mountains and temples I think, we will post again tonight.

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Location:Seririt on the North Coast

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pura Taman Ayun

Famous temple complex dating from 1634 it sits within a large moat which surounds the site. The inner temple with it's large Meru ( large towers with tiered roofs ) replicate the position of the mountains of Bali.

The temple is set in some fantastic landscape quite English with winding paths and specimen trees.

Not sure if this lady is making an offering or just feeding the fish.

Photo taken by our attentive driver Denarto.

Everywhere very skilled stonework.

Anyway we are off to have a massage back at Johns.

Joe if you get a minute in your busy schedule please leave a message here or by e-mail

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day on the beach

Went to the southern tip of the island called the bucket to have a look at one of Johns projects very very blingy but fantastic location, 7 villas on a cliff with private beach.

Then onto another private beach via a cliff mounted lift.

First time I have ever paid to swim in the sea but when in Rome!

Beach impressive, clear water and big waves and fantastic sand.

Food very good but European and the service very good.

Tomorrow planning trip to temple so might be bit more Bali

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday 2nd August

Today we spent a long time going to the bank. The bank is in Kuta. And the traffic was really bad. But every trip out is an adventure: the roads are lined with little shops, cafes and businesses of all kinds and where there are gaps you see the paddy fields. Yesterday we went to a kite festival, it was fantastic. Here are some pics.

Hope to hear from you soon (especially you Joe )

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